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Move-To-Earn (M2E) & Play-To-Earn (P2E)

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    The crypto world has long proven to be a very dynamic space with limitless opportunities and revolutionary concepts. We constantly witness these innovations in the crypto market, especially since Decentralized Finance took the lead in 2020. After the DeFi entrance, new forms of innovative ideas, including NFTs, Programmable Stablecoins, Metaverse, and much more, have all made impactful appearances in the crypto space and have become the trending topic of investors and digital community members. 

    And currently, the focus of people’s attention is the model of move-to-earn games, the upgraded and refreshed follower of the widely adopted play-to-earn concept. So, can we state that the new iteration of Metaverse games is already here? Let’s find out together in the following article.

    Introduction to Move-to-Earn Games

    Move-To-Earn (M2E) & Play-To-Earn (P2E)

    A recent boost in the crypto market projects combining the ideas of play-to-earn and move-to-play into a well-known move-to-earn concept has started picking up steam, with more and more people trying out the newly adopted paradigm of tokenizing physical movements. The main idea behind M2E apps and other games is that it rewards users proportional to their physical activity, incentivizing a healthy and active lifestyle while earning a passive income.

    In simple words, M2E is a new approach to using digital technology to reward players for getting up and moving their bodies. Essentially, move-to-earn games and apps are a great way to earn rewards, NFT collectibles, and own digital tokens.

    The move-to-earn gamification functions similarly to the play-to-earn concept, wherein players completely control their in-game assets, which can later be exchanged for crypto or fiat money according to their terms.

    How Do Move-to-Earn Apps Work?

    Generally, all move-to-earn games and apps currently rely on the exact working mechanism. 

    • Every move-to-earn app relies on GPS and cellular signals for tracking your movements. If your signal is not strong enough, there are high chances of not getting the rewards.
    • Most M2E games will require you to make an initial payment to earn in-game tokens and rewards.
    • M2E apps utilize a dual token system. Essentially, one token will govern the crypto; the other token will be used for rewarding the player. 

    Top Move-to-Earn Tokens 

    Although each M2E works differently and has its unique features, most apps generally involve earning cryptocurrency by completing the tasks such as walking, winning a race, or finishing a workout. Below, we have gathered the top M2E apps and tokens to earn with.


    The hype around STEPN results from its governance token – Green Metaverse Token going parabolic with a market cap of around $1,80 trillion.

    In this app, users will have to get NFT sneakers, which are mintable and come in different designs and rarity levels. Generally, the players can get these virtual assets in NFT open markets or earn in-game currencies and NFT sneakers while running, walking, or jogging. . Additionally, STEPN runs on the Solana network, and each NFT sneaker is equal to 10 SOL, which is around $1,100.


    It is the world’s first free-to-play and move-to-earn NFT app on the Solana blockchain that makes practicing an active lifestyle fun and rewarding. Genopets combines players’ step data from their smartphones with the help of blockchain economics. So, users can earn cryptocurrency to take action in real life while battling their Genopets.


    Another popular example of M2E apps is Dotmoovs. It is a remote sports competition platform that is still in beta version but has all the potential to revolutionize the way people will watch performances of their favorite sports.

    Moreover, the company has developed AI algorithms that allow them to score sports movements and tricks with a simple video taken with a mobile phone.


    This move-to-earn token is a gamified fitness ecosystem that enhances real-world workout experience via play-to-earn mechanics and design techniques. OliveX enables users to improve their physical shape and get real-life revenue through gaming activity.


    MetaGym is one of the first exercise-to-earn gyms in the Metaverse environment. It comes with a complete set, including a smartwatch application, mobile application, and its own polygon-based crypto $MGCN. Moreover, MetaGym also includes Sleep-Fi, Fit-Fi, and Game-Fi features. 

    Here, players are equipped with avatars of NFT Metaverse known as MetaGym Buddies. In MetaGym, users can log health behaviors, perform cardio, or complete fitness challenges to get MetaGym coins. Later, these cryptos can be used to level up and mint new NFT upgrades, clothing, and power-ups.


    It is another move-to-earn token that rewards users for running and walking. In Sweatcoin, for every 1000 steps taken, you receive SWEAT. Later, you can use your rewards to buy items in the Sweatcoin marketplace like electronics, gift cards, or fitness gear.

    Furthermore, you can also use your earned SWEAT to invest in crypto or other digital assets. For instance, you can purchase tokens from the famous blockchain-based company Ripple. 


    Calo is among the move-to-earn tokens allowing you to get rewards for working out. In Calo, you need to equip yourself with an NFT sneaker and begin moving. Along with working out independently, you can also participate in weekly and monthly challenges. 

    Here, every minute of a workout equals CALO. Later on, you can use these coins to purchase items in the Calo marketplace like workout programs and nutrition plans. 


    Wirtual is another M2E app that pays players for keeping up their healthy habits. Therefore, you will get rewards after completing different fitness tasks, such as dancing, swimming, and working out. To begin earning rewards, you need to download the app and create a gaming account. 

    In Wirtual, you can earn tokens by taking part in various challenges online. Some of these challenges are free, while some require an initial investment. 

    Get Started With Move-to-Earn Apps

    If you also want to enter the M2E space but don’t know where to begin and what to do, here are several steps you can take to get started.

    • Select an app according to your interests. There are a lot of M2E options available in the market. For example, if you want to get healthy, the best picks can be Sweatcoin and MetaGym. But in case you are looking for friendly competition, then Calo or Step will be a better fit.
    • Pay attention to the details. It covers how you earn and spend crypto, what content is available in-game environment, and so on.
    • Install the app. Once you have selected an M2E app, download it and create an account. In some cases, you will need to connect a fitness tracker or other device to start tracking your physical activity. 
    • Begin playing and moving. The concept is as follows – the more you move, the more crypto assets you will earn. You can then use your crypto to buy in-game items or cash out for real-world assets.

    It’s also important to note that before taking investment advice, always conduct your own research on the project you will invest in, as all transfers and trades are at your own risk.

    FAQ Section

    How do you get crypto by walking?

    The development of a new crypto division known as a move-to-earn concept allows you to earn while walking, jogging activity, or running. All you need to do is to purchase NFT sneakers or other tokens to start gaining energy. Later, you can use your rewards and currencies for in-game purchases or cash them out. 

    What is move-to-earn?

    M2E apps are a new way of using digital technology to reward users with cryptos for engaging in any physical activity, like jogging or simple walking. The technology used in M2E tracks the players’ physical movements, allowing them to earn passive income while doing their daily routine physical activities. 

    What is a STEPN crypto?

    STEPN is from the group of Web3 website apps with GameFi and SocialFi components. It uses blockchain technology that allows players to buy NFT sneakers in digital assets, which they can later use to earn GST or GMT tokens by running or walking.