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How to Block Hackers From My Phone

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    How to Block Hackers From My Phone

    The tremendous impact of mobile devices on our daily lives is not a secret anymore. Everything we do and everything we need is somehow connected with the usage of phones. Be it simple communication, working, mobile banking, gaming, or shopping. And this tendency shows all the signs of growing bigger and staying even actual decades later. 

    So, what are the terrifying concerns of the average mobile user, if not security and privacy issues coming from various hacking attacks? That’s why it’s more than essential to understand the phone’s structure, be aware of possible security risks, and take preventive measures to protect our devices. Therefore, let’s not waste any time and move on to the primary part of our topic.

    What is Phone Hacking?

    Mobile apps and smartphones have brought all our data and private accounts into a single, suitable location, making them an easy-to-reach piece for hackers. And as everything connected to our banking account, social media, and email is directly linked to our devices, it’s more than possible to counter cyber theft situations once in a while. 

    Generally, any method or trick leading to forced access to the user’s phone can automatically be involved in the group of phone hacking attacks. It can include anything from simple unsecured internet traffic and public Wi-Fi to advanced data and security breaches or even brute forcing in case of the phone’s physical access. 

    Since any mobile user is vulnerable to hacking, it’s necessary to learn how to identify a hacked device and, accordingly, how to protect your phone.

    Ways to Identify a Hacked Phone

    Multiple signs can serve as a red flag and warn you about an infected phone. Below are some of the common ones you can look through:

    Your Phone Loses Charge Quickly

    It’s one of the first signs showing something is not right with your phone. When your device begins to run out of charge more quickly than before, it can result from malicious apps or codes draining all the power.

    You Notice Strange Activity on Your Other Online Accounts

    After getting into your phone, any hacker’s primary step is to gain access to your accounts and private data. To eliminate this, you can check your email and social media accounts for unusual login locations, password reset prompts, or new account sign-up verifications.

    Phone Runs Abnormally Slowly

    If your device is breached, it can cause your phone to run slowly. It is related to the hacker’s shady applications that eat up all the processing power of the targeted device. You can distinguish if your phone is slow or not through these symptoms: crashes, unexpected freezing, and restarts. 

    Unfamiliar Texts or Calls in Your Logs

    Sometimes, an attacker needs an SMS Trojan to hack a phone. As a result, they can easily impersonate you and your behaviors and steal personal information from your relatives and friends.

    What to Do If Your Phone Has Been Hacked?

    As we have already learned enough about how to identify a hacked phone, now it’s time to fight back and get rid of cybercriminals’ schemes. The first thing you need to do is eliminate any malware or other infected apps infiltrating your mobile security. Once you’ve successfully liquidated the data breach, you can already begin protecting your online accounts and prevent future attacks. Here are several tips we gathered specially for you.

    Remove The Hacker From Your Phone

    These can include the following:

    • Email
    • Online Banking
    • Google Account or Apple ID
    • Phone Passcode
    • Social Media Accounts 

    You will also need to follow up on any online shopping or financial services that save your banking or credit card details like eBay, Amazon, etc. It will help you prevent fraudulent transactions and stop hackers’ attempts to access your phone remotely.

    Use a Factory Reset to Fix a Hacked Android Phone

    A factory reset is used in those cases when you want to clear your phone’s internal storage completely. It deletes your text messages, videos, photos, and other personal information and removes malware. 

    However, the SD card of your Android phone is not always affected by a factory reset, so make sure to format it later to remove potential security threats.

    Here are the steps you need for a factory reset.

    1. Navigate to the Settings menu and click System.
    2. From the options, choose Reset.
    3. Click Factory Reset or Erase all data
    4. In the prompt window, click Reset Phone.
    5. To continue, enter your password. 

    Use Antivirus Software to Get a Hacker Off Your Phone

    The most effective way to get rid of hackers is to use an app specifically created for that purpose. Android antivirus app quickly quarantines the malicious software used for compromising your phone.

    Here are the steps you need to follow:

    1. Download the Clario app and open an account.
    2. Click on the Start Full Scan button.
    3. Wait until the virus scan is finished.
    4. Click on Phone is at risk and delete detected malware.

    Delete Suspicious Apps for Unhacking Your Phone

    There are many cases when we install apps outside the Play Store and forego mobile security safeguards applied by Google. As a result, some of these apps come with unknown malware that fraudsters can use to access the phone.

    If your phone is hacked and you have recently downloaded outside apps, it can be the cause. That’s why it’s necessary to delete all suspicious apps and ensure all your data are safe. 

    Keep Hackers Out From Your Online Accounts

    If you notice strange and unusual behavior on your social media accounts, it’s perhaps a result of phone hacking. It’s necessary to take action immediately to avoid unpleasant scenarios.

    1. Carefully check the login activity on your online accounts to identify the device and location used to access the account.
    2. Log out of your account from all devices and change the password.
    3. Ensure the security of the email that is used to access the account.
    4. Enable two-factor authentication for better protection.

    Make Sure to Report Phone Hacking

    Reporting and raising the alarm after a phone-hacking attempt is a crucial thing everyone should do. By reporting it to the authorities, you can find a quick resolution to your problem and spread awareness among other citizens.

    How to Prevent Someone From Hacking Your Phone Again

    Prevention of hacking attacks is always more accessible than the process of fighting against them itself. To protect your phone from repetitive cyberattacks, you can adopt the following measures:

    • Never visit suspicious websites, or open emails and links from unknown senders to avoid phishing emails.
    • Enable VPN (Virtual Private Network) while using public Wi-Fi.
    • Install an antivirus software on your device.
    • Remember to update the OS of your phone constantly.
    • Use a password manager for generating your account passwords.
    • Set limits to app permissions.
    • Always use two-factor authentication.
    • Download apps only from trusted sources.
    • Turn on a lost device tracking service.


    How to block a WiFi hacker from my phone?

    You can improve the protection level of your Wi-Fi network and block hacking attacks with the help of these tips.

    1. Change The Router Admin Credentials.
    2. Regularly update your Router.
    3. Set up solid Encryption.
    4. Hide the Wi-Fi network you use.
    5. Don’t use open public networks.

    How do attackers hack Instagram?

    Generally, hackers use different mundane methods to hack Instagram accounts. One of the most popular ways is by guessing users’ passwords via password cracking apps and tools. Another technique common among Instagram hackers is accessing weak emails. As a result, they can easily access user accounts and change their credentials. You can prevent these by using strong emails and passwords.

    How to hack a phone lock code?

    You can unlock or hack your phone’s lock code through specific apps like Android Device Manager or Android SDK. If you still can’t open the phone even after trying these apps, it’s time to restart your phone with a factory reset. 

    How do hackers get passwords?

    Here are the main techniques hackers use for stealing passwords:

    – Phishing
    – Malware codes or apps
    – Brute Forcing
    – Simple Guesswork