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  • 6 The Best Crypto Audit Companies 2022-2023

    6 The Best Crypto Audit Companies 2023

    The recent exponential growth of the decentralized finance industry and other blockchain projects brought an unavoidable demand for enhanced cybersecurity solutions and services. Comprehensive and solid security measures and extensive blockchain security services greatly help business enterprises globally fight against hacking attacks and malicious threats. And cryptocurrency audits are an essential component of these crypto […]

  • How To Create & Write A Solana Smart Contract?

    How To Create & Write A Solana Smart Contract?

    Solana is an advanced open source blockchain project that aims to leverage several breakthrough technologies for the next generation of dApps. The Solana blockchain, founded in 2017 by Solana Labs, uses a new transaction verification method. Solana is a third-generation Proof of Stake blockchain and implemented a unique way to create a reliable system for […]

  • Smart Contract Audit - checklist

    Smart Contract Audit – Checklist

    Nowadays, smart contracts have gained popularity and thus become more prone to security vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, it is impossible to exclude bugs totally and forever, so smart contract security audits are regularly required. When investing in the audit process, you invest in secure smart contracts by checking them. Smart Contracts: Look from Inside Smart contracts are […]

  • 5 Top Blockchain Cyber Security Companies – Ranking

    5 Top Blockchain Cyber Security Companies – Ranking

    Cutting-edge technology has become an integral part of our daily life. For example, mobile phones and computers store 98% of our personal information, including financial transactions with digital currencies. As a result, the business began to be based on smart contracts, which can facilitate the company’s work and protect data from hackers. However, it is […]

  • NFT Smart Contract Explained

    NFT Smart Contract Explained

    NFTs have already become real game-changers in the digital assets and collectibles industry. The number of artists, content creators, and digital art lovers moving into the NFT industry is constantly increasing. It’s a place for people to buy or sell different digital artworks and maintain ownership of unique assets. However, even though NFTs and other […]