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6 The Best Crypto Audit Companies 2023

6 The Best Crypto Audit Companies 2022-2023

The recent exponential growth of the decentralized finance industry and other blockchain projects brought an unavoidable demand for enhanced cybersecurity solutions and services.

Comprehensive and solid security measures and extensive blockchain security services greatly help business enterprises globally fight against hacking attacks and malicious threats. And cryptocurrency audits are an essential component of these crypto security solutions designed for overall infrastructure safety and system protection. 

Today, most organizations conduct regular smart contract audits to ensure their projects work without disruptions and follow the original intentions set by the company’s team. A thorough security assessment also helps detect hidden defects and security weaknesses, thus preventing possible security breaches and data leakage cases. 

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    Hence, the cyber security field is full of smart contract audit companies with various services and unique features. However, this variety of choices makes it quite challenging to pick the best smart contract auditor for your projects. So, we gathered a list of top smart contract audit firms with proven track history and professional expertise in one article to ease your research process.

    Top Smart Contract Auditors 2023

    Below we rank the best smart contract auditing firms providing such services as blockchain security audits, formal verification, smart contracts security, penetration testing, DeFi audit, and other similar security solutions. We made this ranking according to the quality level of their provided blockchain security solutions, professional background, security team expertise and compatibility, track history, and publicly-available audit reports. So, let’s go on and review a list of crypto audit companies in detail.

    #1 Hacken

    Top smart contract audit company hacken.io

    The first place in our ranking list belongs to the Ukrainian leading best smart contract audit company, Hacken, which is widely known for the variety of smart contract audit services available to its clients. Some of the core solutions that the Hacken security team offer are:

    • Web3 Penetration Testing
    • Proof of Reserves Audit
    • Bug Bounty Programs Coordination 
    • Smart Contract Audit
    • Blockchain Protocol Audit
    • dApps Audit

    Its security researchers have conducted cryptocurrency audits for more than 900 blockchain protocols and projects during its professional journey, including cryptos, decentralized security network platforms, launchpads, Tron smart contracts, and exchanges. 

    Due to the high-tier quality and functionality of Hacken’s provided services, this blockchain security auditor was founded to gain the trust of several huge platforms and exchanges, including Huobi, OKX, and KuCoin. Moreover, the leading smart contract auditing company also has a large ethical hacker community, and a long list of reputable partners, and connections, which add another layer of reliability to Hacken’s audit services. The most famous ones are Ethereum Foundation, Coingecko, Vechain, CoinMarketCap, and Avalanche. 

    Hacken security professionals structure the process and methodologies of the smart contract audit after carefully checking and understanding the specifics of the target blockchain project, its scope, budget, goals, and requirements. It helps them provide customized services and solutions to each client, who can also share their recommendations and suggestions regarding the auditing process. That’s why Hacken is the best blockchain audit company.

    #2 Certik

    certik blockchain security company

    The following best crypto auditing company leading the top ranking lists of smart contract auditing firms is Certik. The security firm was founded in 2018 in the joint hands of Yale University and Columbia University specialists to enhance and upgrade existing cybersecurity solutions for auditing smart contracts and projects driven by blockchain technology. 

    Certik’s most distinguishing feature later became a security standard for many organizations is its rigorous formal verification technology. Formal verification is a unique solution designed for verifying the security of blockchain networks and smart contracts through mathematical approaches and mechanisms. Moreover, security testing through formal verification ensures that smart contract codes run without disruptions and the functions follow all predetermined requirements and conditions. 

    The security experts of Certik blockchain audit firm have executed up to 2000 smart contracts and blockchain audits. The firm’s project team performs security audits smart contracts worldwide across many well-established decentralized applications, DeFi protocols, digital currency exchanges, and other platforms using blockchain technology. Some famous names among the audited projects include Huobi, Binance Smart Chain, Blockstack, OKX, and Shapeshift.

    #3 PWC Switzerland 

    PWC Switzerland smart contract audit firm

    PWC Switzerland is another of the best smart contract audit company focused on auditing and security services for enhancing and testing smart contracts and decentralized finance projects. In cooperation with ChainSecurity, the firm provides extensive blockchain security services that cover all the stages of the auditing process, from the exploration phase to the audit report and post-deployment monitoring. 

    PWC Switzerland security professionals mainly specialize in comprehensive assessments to evaluate smart contract codes and test their viability. Moreover, the auditing team makes security tests and monitors metrics detailing smart contracts’ performance after deployment. Therefore, it helps combine the expertise of security experts and automated analysis tools to detect and eliminate potential security risks and cyber threats. 

    #4 Chainsulting

    Chainsulting blockchain security firm

    Chainsulting is a reputable blockchain security and development firm mainly specializing in verifying the security and integrity of smart contracts code. Other solutions that the company provides include security consulting, software development, and blockchain audits. When choosing this crypto auditing company as your audit provider, you will have access to a wide range of service sets and expert security audits. Here are some of the core ones:

    • Penetration Testing
    • Security Risk Evaluation and Analysis 
    • Bug Bounty Programs Coordination 
    • Blockchain Technology Development
    • Smart Contract Operations
    • dApps Architecture 
    • Critical Vulnerabilities and Security Issues Detection
    • Smart Contract Security Audits
    • Blockchain Security Analysis 

    Up to date, the Chainsulting team of security researchers has a proven track record and has performed blockchain and smart contract audits for such market giants and leading platforms as Solana, Algorand, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and more. 

    #5 ConsenSys Diligence 

    ConsenSys Diligence 

    ConsenSys is one of the top smart contract auditing companies in the blockchain industry. What’s so interesting about ConsenSys Diligence is that the focus areas and company direction slightly differ from other dApp auditors’ implemented policies. It mainly concentrates on developing and growing Ethereum smart contracts, applications, and projects and dedicates all company resources and technologies to enhance security. 

    Furthermore, ConsenSys has become more popular after releasing multiple open-source and closed-source products. One of the most prominent examples of these products is MythX: an automatic vulnerability scanner designed for Ethereum smart contract audits.

    Moreover, MythX also provides a robust API, which decentralized finance project developers and security experts can use for accessing smart contract security tools and technologies.

    #6 OpenZeppelin 


    The last best smart contract auditor specializing on our list of smart contract auditing companies is OpenZeppelin. It is primarily known for the blockchain audit company’s development of Solidity libraries or OpenZeppelin Contracts, which can be used in most decentralized projects and audited protocols as a tested and standard template for smart contracts deployable on blockchain applications. Contract developers can integrate and use this solution through the native SDK of the OpenZeppelin platform. 

    In addition to developing solutions, OpenZeppelin also strongly focuses on smart contract audits. 

    Furthermore, OpenZeppelin was one of the first smart contract auditors to reinvent blockchain security by bringing out gamification components to detect loopholes in smart contracts. 

    Smart Contract Auditing Companies: Rating

    Smart Contract Auditing Companies: Rating

    Today, security is the most concerning topic for every project and platform. Extreme importance mixed with the unpredicted nature of blockchain technology raises the need to isolate and neutralize threats common to decentralized applications based on the blockchain terrain. Also, constant updates and modifications in the blockchain protocols challenge teams and top smart contract auditors to find new up-to-date solutions for more enhanced and comprehensive smart contract audits.

    But how to know what are the best crypto audit companies out there? 

    When choosing a smart contract auditing firm, it’s more than essential to make sure the smart contract audit company follows all necessary requirements and blockchain security regulations to avoid unwanted scenarios in the future. To do so, you need to check multiple factors and conduct thorough research on specific areas of the audit company’s professional journey and their provided smart contract security services to ensure it fits all the basic requirements.

    While rating blockchain auditors, several important factors need to be considered.

    • Are top smart contract audit firms working with major audited protocols and blockchain projects handling significant amounts of user funds?
    • Do the blockchain projects they audit frequently experience security exploits?
    • Are they a novice blockchain security company or a well-established team?
    • Do they contribute to the safety and protection of the entire community by creating open-source tools, assisting public education, and helping public code libraries?
    • Are they engaging in incident response and public incident analysis?

    Finding the answers to these questions will help you determine the quality level of the target leading cybersecurity consulting company and help you make an easy and professional choice. 

    Importance of Smart Contract Audits

    A comprehensive smart contract security audit performed by a professional team of the best smart contract auditors will help you solve numerous attacks and issues hidden in your smart contracts and business infrastructures.

    Besides identifying and mitigating the existing flaws and vulnerabilities of the projects, teams also perform various automatic and manual testing to get every piece of a smart contract audited. In addition, it helps to manually review all code functions and ensure it works according to previously set conditions. 

    Here let’s look through some of the most crucial benefits you will get after thoroughly conducting smart contract security audits.

    Avoid Costly Errors 

    It’s not a secret that most mistakes and errors in the written smart contract code occur in the early development cycle. That’s why conducting a proper smart contract audit and testing the contract code in the early stages before the project launch is essential for every reputable organization.

    Moreover, a comprehensive analysis will help identify all potential loopholes and hidden vulnerabilities and fix them in real-time without further complications.

    Prevent Hacking Attacks and Security Threats 

    During the smart contract deployment, the developers who have appropriately tested the code against common bugs and vulnerabilities can easily detect the current issues and resolve them immediately without delays. It saves them a lot of troublesome situations in the future and minimizes the risks of hacking attacks and data breaches.

    Get Expert Review 

    Most reliable and experienced blockchain audit companies provide their clients with the opportunity to have their smart contract codes double-checked. As a result, they can avoid spurious results and other similar problems.

    Ensure More Enhanced Protection

    Compared to simple automated vulnerability scanners and tools, a comprehensive audit provides enhanced safety measures and protection mechanisms for your projects.

    Besides securing your contract code, these audits also evaluate the overall business infrastructure security score and recommend ways to strengthen the existing base.

    Get An Analytical Audit Report

    Once the smart contract audit is done, the security experts make a final report and presentation on the results of the conducted assessments. This audit report mainly includes the technical details of identifying vulnerabilities and threats, appropriate ways and approaches for resolving them, remediation options, further activity plans, and post-auditing services like monitoring, retesting, revising, etc.

    FAQ Section

    Who are the top smart contract auditors?

    The cybersecurity field provides a wide range of blockchain auditors to choose from. However, before picking a suitable one for your projects, always make sure to conduct thorough research on their past performance and track history to understand their reliability level. Based on multiple distinguishing factors, here are the best crypto auditors: Hacken, Trail of Bits, Chainsulting, Certik, SolidProof, Runtime Verification

    Who audited Ethereum?

    There are multiple prominent audit organizations focusing mainly on Ethereum audits. Some of the famous names are Hacken, ConsenSys Diligence, and Quantstamp. These firms conduct comprehensive assessments and analyses to identify potential flaws and vulnerabilities in Ethereum applications, projects, and smart contracts.

    How much is an audit for crypto?

    The cost of smart contract audits varies among auditing companies and typically ranges from $5000 to $40000 for small and medium-sized projects and platforms. As for significant projects, the audit price can reach up to $550000 and more depending on various factors like the project’s scope, size, specifics, location, budget, requirements, goals, auditing approaches, and methodologies.